Giant Leap | HOW WE WORK


How We Work


ery few people understand how much space they really need to run their business or how to get the most out of their space. If you’re re-designing an existing workspace or looking for a new home for your business, you’ll be asking similar questions: How can we save space? How can we maximize the space we have? How can we use our workspace to achieve our goals? Giant Leap shows you how to use your workspace as an asset. We partner with you through every part of the process from start to completion, on time and within budget. No unexpected surprises.

Here’s how we achieve our award-winning results.

Step 1: We listen

In your first meeting with Giant Leap consulting, you’ll do most of the talking. We want to understand you and your business. Are you looking to optimise your existing space so that you don’t have to relocate? Do you need us to source a new working space that’s perfect for your business? We locate and investigate working spaces and make sure they have all the essentials, like acoustics, air conditioning, layout, lighting and flow.

We want to know what you want your workspace to look like, but more importantly, what you want your space to do for you. Are you starting a business? Are you retaining staff? How’s your business flow? Are you attracting top talent? This is the foundation of a good project. Off we go!

Step 2: We evolve

We’ve done our homework and we now understand your commercial architecture and design needs. Now we need to evolve those needs into a business interior plan in line with your budget. Here’s also where we draw up plans of your brand new workspace. Now it’s getting exciting.

Step 3: We create

The fun begins. This is the part where we create your new workspace. Our designs are based on vast knowledge and expertise in commercial and industrial design – keeping in mind the ‘Green Way’ of workspace design, prioritizing a solution that is as considerate to the environment as possible. We’ll design a space that allows your staff and customers to function happily, comfortably and more productively.

Step 4: We deliver

And in more ways than one! Time for the delivery of your new workspace, which we ensure is done flawlessly, on time and within budget. We also take care of technicalities such as permits and approvals for your workspace design solution, so that you don’t have to.

You can see how an innovative corporate interior concept is about much more than pretty decorating. Beautiful interiors inspire people, and inspired people are more productive people. It’s about the integration of furniture, architecture and technology.