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Muzi Ntombela – Workplace Solution Lead

“Giant Leap recently completed an approximately 2 Million US Dollar Project. Giant Leap and its project Managers have nevertheless proven extremely valuable and reliable in ensuring that contract deadlines are met, and quality of work is of the highest standard. We look forward to work with Giant Leap in our next Projects.”

Bain & Company

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Nicole Olmesdahl – Manager, Finance & Operations

“Work was carried out on time and within budget. Giant Leap clearly have a knack of understanding where costs can be saved, without compromising the quality of the work. Making the process
quite enjoyable overall!”

BNP Paribas

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Jameel Halwachi – Regional Head Middle East and Africa

“We would proudly and confidently recommend Giant Leap as an excellent Engineering and Contracting Firm to execute any kind of project in its related field.”

Drake & Skull

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Dr John Wentzel – CEO

“We at Drake and Skull had the pleasure of experiencing your passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish during our recent office relocation. Giant Leap was mandated to provide an office where we could optimise our space, provide a design that was not only eco friendly, fresh and innovative, but also with a budget that was very limited with very tight deadlines. They have indeed shown why they are experts in this industry, and surpassed our expectations.”

Gateway Communications

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Normon Kong – VP Africa Development

“We successfully and timeously relocated and are extremely pleased with the new premises. Giant Leap acted diligently both through the design, budget and inception stages both within their own teams as well as with sub contractors.”

Kagiso Tiso Holdings

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Frencel Gillion – Group Financial Director

“It was clear that Giant Leap understood the brief, budget and identified cost effective solutions where budget would have been exceeded. Giant Leap captured the essence of who we are as an organisation through design and functionality of our new office environment. All of our expectations where met and delivered on time and within budget. Your professional work ethic and skill has been a major factor in our success.”


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Gunter Halfar – Country Technical Manager

“We wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Giant Leap for providing us with a superb customer innovation space. The planning and execution of the project was completed in a professional and efficient manner, and has exceeded our expectations.”


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Amanda Lightfoot – Finance Executive

“With your teams obvious passion and dedication to design and project management, they were able to provide us with a workplace that not only optimises on space, but is a beautiful, inspiring space in which to work.”


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Michelle de Gouveia – Head of Operations

“How glad am I that we chose Giant Leap to partner with! Against a multitude of tight deadlines, high quality and ideation expectations, multiple decision makers and a very critical team, Giant Leap pulled through on every level.”

World Vision

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Monica van Wyk – Project Manager and Logistics for the Southern Africa Regional Office

“Giant Leap took the time to meet with a number of staff members – they listened to us, heard our values and intentions, worked these into designs and floor plans, and were able to deliver the agreed refurbishment by the desired date.”

BBraun SA

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Arved Berent – Chief Executive

“The communication between offices & warehouse has greatly improved, it’s really helped towards a smoother process within the organisation and it works great.”

Quest Staffing Solutions

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Kay Vittee – Chief Executive Officer

“Our people are happier, there is a community that has been created, Giant Leap absolutely surpassed our expectations, so much so that this region will be the blueprint and we will now roll out Cape Town and all the other regions to have this fit and this design going forward. We are thrilled with the result.”

Bank of China

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Yan Chan – Head Executive Office

“The multifunctional room designed by Giant Leap also added fun elements to our staffs working environment, making our new office not just a fun functional one, but a fun working environment
Thanks to the Giant Leap team for their contribution.”

Innovation Group SA

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Glen Mollink – Chief Executive Officer

“What we ended up with was exactly what we were hoping to get, our costing ended at the right numbers and we ended up with the right look and feel and finishes in the end and that’s really what it’s about”

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