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Know who we are and what we believe

Know More is a workplace intelligence company. We believe that an effective work environment makes people happy and happier people work better.

Know what we do

When your business has to perform, you need to see how it is working, measure it, compare it to other factors, find best practice and then improve it. We combine in-depth knowledge of workspace theory and accurate analyses of staff wants and needs, with an empirical evaluation of organisational workflow. We challenge business processes/operations to bring about positive, possible and profitable change.

Know why

A company’s expenditure is significantly made up of property and labour costs. It makes sense, therefore, for companies to measure and gauge the performance of these two assets and ensure that they are performing at optimal levels. The present commercial workspace design process is deficient. We should not begin with floorplans, space planning and space design, but should instead look at the people involved and how we can best enhance their productivity.

Know our services

South African companies across the board are looking for solutions that are more streamlined, effective and intelligent. Companies are starting to question their longstanding processes and are reassessing them. Our customers want to know how they can optimise the effectiveness of their organisation, their people, and their facilities.

All companies want to be described as inspiring and your offices should be as inspiring as your work. Inspiration not only makes you a leader in your field, but an inspirational office encourages activity, enhances employee satisfaction, lowers absenteeism and raises productivity. It even lowers energy costs. Know More helps you and your office become inspirational.

Our consultants help clients align their physical space and organisational requirements to support their business goals.

To do this, we provide the following services:

  • Workspace Consultancy
  • Space utilisation and efficiency analysis
  • Staff satisfaction analysis
  • Change management

Are your staff satisfied with their workspace?

Do you know that satisfied staff are more productive?

Do you know that the more satisfied staff are with their workplace, the higher the company’s staff retention?

Do you know that you can measure how satisfied your staff are with their workspace?

We know…

We know that staff satisfaction and engagement are directly linked to productivity and we know that staff members consider their workspace design as an incredibly important factor in enabling them to work productively. The workplace also has a huge impact on staff satisfaction.

It makes sense, therefore, to know how satisfied your staff are with their workplace and to use this information to design a workspace that increases satisfaction, lowers absenteeism, improves staff well-being and increases productivity and retention – which, of course, saves money.

Thankfully, this can now be done. Know More, a workplace intelligence company, can, through a range of consultancy services and tools, offer a thorough analysis of your workspace, including an in-depth report, delivered through a global online survey, of your workspace that measures:

  • The ability of the space to support important work activities
  • Staff satisfaction with the physical features of the building
  • Staff satisfaction with the facilities services provided
  • The role of workplace design in supporting:
  • Pride
  • Productivity
  • Sense of community
  • Corporate image
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Workplace culture.

We challenge business processes and operations to bring about positive, possible and profitable change.

90% of employees agree that is important to them the design of their workplace.

Only 54% of employees agree that the design of their workplace enables them to work productively.

Firms with highly engaged people out-perform firms with the most disengaged people by:

  • 54% Employee Retention
  • 89% Customer Satisfaction
  • 400% Revenue Growth

Only 48% of employees are proud to bring visitors to their workplace.

To know more about your workspace, how satisfied your staff are with their space and to know how to design a workspace that increases satisfaction, lowers absenteeism, improves wellbeing and increases profitability, contact Know More:

t +27 (11) 880 1490 • [email protected] •