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The boardroom of the future

22 Feb 2017, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

The idea of the boardroom is changing. The stagnant notion of a closed-off space with officials in suits sitting around a table is falling away. Instead, the concept of collaboration is taking over. It’s the buzz word of the future, and the key concept businesses…

Millennials in the workspace

13 Dec 2016, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

What is a millennial? Commonly defined as a person who was born during 1980-2000, the term ‘millennial’ is essentially a generational marker. There is another side to it though, one where the phrase broadly encompasses a mark of behavior. At least it has become common…

A Giant Leap for eco-consciousness

13 Dec 2016, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

In today’s age, the sustainability of the environment has become something everyone is, or should be, concerned with. It’s the norm to be eco-conscious about the food we eat, the products we purchase and the waste we recycle but it doesn’t just stop there…. It…