Mary Oppenheimer and Daughters



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A contemporary building that soaks up Rosebanks’ Lifestyle vibe.

The Mary Oppenheimer and Daughters offices are located in the Conservatory on Baker Building and is perfectly positioned in a contemporary building that soaks up Rosebanks’ Lifestyle vibe and is designed to soak up the best of the light and city views from the top floors. Our client has used the top floor for their Dining Room and Café with panoramic views of the tree filled vistas of Johannesburg.

Our client approached us to design a working environment for their family office. The design brief was to create space that is light and airy and had a feeling of home. As the family is steeped in tradition, they wanted a classical interior with the modernism of an office of today. The major task of the design team was to mix the two styles of classic and modern.

Our approach was to keep the structural elements to a large degree in a classical language, so we made use of high skirting, dado rails, elaborate cornicing and a few panelled cupboards. We chose the Versailles Panel timber flooring from Oggie due to the intricate woodwork and the fact that it added a classical element that tied in beautifully with their antique furniture. By using a different finish on the floor, we were able to make it look more contemporary in keeping with the clean lines of the overall office design.

By using a classic style of the structural elements we managed to offset it with the more modern lines of the glass facades, a few bright walls with fantastic modern wall paper in the meeting rooms. The rest of the office space we kept as neutral as possible and we kept the walls as open to showcase some of the family’s extensive art collection. Mary Slack curated the pieces which brought in a modern flair and bright colours to each room. We also had access to a huge selection of beautiful antique furniture which we could then add on to blend with the working side of the office by taking some bespoke pieces and combining them with more modern and flexible office furniture. Some of the antique furniture and the modern meeting room furniture were upholstered in bright colours which added a bit of fun to the interior and tied the two styles together.