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About Giant Leap Interiors


hatever your business, you want to create spaces that inspire people. Giant Leap Interiors is passionate about designing superior interiors that take you on a journey the minute you step inside. We share a passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish, always using the finest materials, technology, logistics and people. We create better places to work, rest, play, be original, be comfortable, and above all, be inspired. This is the heart of Giant Leap.

We are interior architects who believe that people work, play and feel better in well-designed spaces. If there’s any information you can’t find, or you merely want to chat about possibilities, drop me a line. Enjoy our site.
– Linda Trim, Marketing Director of Giant Leap Interiors

At Giant Leap, we are driven by a simple idea, and that is that if you treat people well, you bring out the very best in them. This has been the driving force of our success over the years. It manifests itself in everything that we do and design. We never forget that when work is a pleasure, life is a joy. It’s all about creating superior interiors that people love. Enjoy!
– Brian Klass, CEO of Giant Leap