Giant Leap | 3M



Category: Manufacturer


November 17, 2015


3M produces a wide and diverse range of products that most of us are probably not even aware of. From post-its to pot scourers, from scotch tape to medical plasters … what 3M really needed was not just a head office, but a Customer Innovation Centre that showcases everything 3M does and the amazing technology they use to do it. We began by commissioning a gigantic revolving door, designed and manufactured in Germany. The door holds six televisions, each displaying various aspects of 3M’s business. This is the first step: Once this door pivots, the adventure we created for 3M customers has begun – a journey that gradually reveals the full 3M business ambit. We created a virtual mine to showcase 3M’s mining products, complete with the temperature, darkness and sounds of what its really like to be a few dozen kilometers below ground. We created an authentic looking dentist’s room, which displays 3M’s dentistry products. Another stop on the tour is a road works scene in which 3M’s industrial reflective gear is illuminated by their clients, who are invited to wear headlamps. This is not a customer tour of 3M’s head office. It’s an unforgettable, multi-sensorial experience.