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Convergence Partners

Category: Investment Management


November 17, 2015


When you enter the head office of Convergence Partners, you can’t help but feel that you really want to work there. Convergence’s workspace truly reflects the working world of today – a balanced approach that embraces an active lifestyle and an inspirational space in which to work. If you choose to ride to the office, hang up your bike on the green wall and take a shower before starting work. If you need to work on the weekend and bring the kids with you, Convergence has created an idyllic children’s play area. With Giant Leap’s guidance, Convergence has created a seamless merging of work and family. Giant Leap created a highly individualistic and chic space for Convergence Partners, an investment management firm focused on the telecommunications, media and technology sector. The space combines hues of earthy tones, teal, wood and concrete. Convergence’s slogan is Light Creates Growth, and Giant Leap took full advantage of both the cascading natural light of the building, and a carefully selected range of magnificent light fixtures throughout the space. Boardrooms enclosed in glass create an unbroken flow in the workspace while still allowing for privacy and seclusion. Giant Leap also created a warm, bistro-style feel in the Convergence workspace with a modern, warm wood-paneled bar and coffee shop, which invites both employees and guests to slow down, take a break and connect with each other. A bespoke concrete, floating reception desk greets guests at the entrance and creates a point of interest for waiting clients.