Giant Leap | DULUX



Category: Coatings Manufacturer


May 23, 2014


Dulux is all about colour and they wanted to showcase this in their new interconnected modern workspace. Using their unlimited range of colours, we created a showroom for Dulux, promoting the product and application. We painted each boardroom in the standard colour range of one of their sub-brands, helping people identify colours and showing what is possible with the range. Being a creative company, vibrant colour was used but is also balanced out with neutral areas. We created a canvas for Dulux, a space to facilitate brand or marketing changes as well as new trends. We were guided by the colour forecast to ensure the office remained current and relevant not only locally but in line with worldwide trends too. Open plan work environments were created as well as shared spaces such as the canteen area, where bright colours are used to promote interaction and relaxation. The space is designed to promote creativity and collaboration, it is inviting and innovative, all thanks to the power of colour.