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‘We initially contracted another company but a short time into the process realised that our needs on financial and service level were not being met. We asked Giant Leap to review and assess our process up to that point and this led to us appointing Giant Leap to plan, design and construct our new office space.

Apart from the technical competence in dealing with our requirement, the Giant Leap team attributes include:

  • Great understanding of the needs of us as a client
  • The ability to identify and work around challenges
  • Competent and efficient staff
  • Quick response to change requests and queries
  • Friendly and courteous dealings at all times
  • ‘No job is too big’ attitude
  • Professional behaviour
  • The ability to find work-around solutions in a constrained budget
  • Just all round awesome to work with project team

We can without hesitation recommend the Giant Leap team to any prospective clients”