Giant Leap | McDonald’s



Category: Fast Food Restaurant


November 17, 2015


Giant leap took to time to emerge themselves in the McDonalds culture. The fundamental goal of the design was to align their office space to their values. Their values around their customer, their people and around continuous improvement. They wanted an efficient, cost effective space, a space that promoted collaboration for their people. Everything about McDonalds head quarters is brand-congruent. Even down to the elegant and iconic wood paneling in the workspace, which matches the aesthetic of every McDonalds restaurant.  Open and interactive spaces, echoing the unmistakable McDonalds brand, create freedom for work, pause and play. We’re in a changing environment. The world is changing, the South African economy is changing and we’ve been through a 20-year journey. Giant Leap’s challenge was to honour the McDonalds legacy in this country – an American fast food giant, thriving on the African continent.