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Mitsubishi Corporation

Category: Integrated Business Enterprise


November 17, 2015


A monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic was applied to Mitsubishi’s Johannesburg office, which is both in keeping with the company’s brand culture as well as creating a timeless and effortless feel to the space. Earthy tones, created by oak and walnut, introduce a subtle yet distinct African feel to the rich Japanese heritage of Mitsubishi. In Sandton’s The Atrium office building, where Mitsubishi South Africa has found their new home, there are 360° views of Johannesburg from wherever you are in the building. We needed to maximize the effortless beauty and cutting-edge design of this space. What sets the mediocre from the exceptional? It’s the detail. It’s those carefully selected finishing touches that are so much more than the sum of their parts. They bring the individual elements of a room together into one coherent and beautiful place.  Their painstaking selection takes a lot of time – time our busy clients don’t have. So we take care of all that for them.