Workplace Wellness


ellbeing in the office is fast gaining attention – and for good reason. Our lives have become complicated, and many of our needs are not met. Business Live asked Giant Leap director Linda Trim for her top tips. And if you think there’s no link between colour in your office and the mood of your staff, think again.

Workplace wellness is becoming a big and growing problem for organisations,” says Linda Trim, director at Giant Leap Work Space Specialists. “It is not just the economy that needs to recover, but the workforce as well.

“When a person’s wellbeing is jeopardised, so is the organisation’s. Every day that people take off or don’t give their best, detracts from productivity and this starts to cost.”

Here are some ideas from Trim on how to create a healthier workplace that benefits both employees and the bottom line:

  • Employees need to lead balanced lives. They need to feel secure in their jobs, including having financial and environmental stability. They should work in an environment that lends itself to a healthy lifestyle (ergonomic furniture, yoga classes, a gym, for example), and be able to move around and take a break from living a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Employees feel better working in well-designed offices. Workplace surroundings can help or hinder wellbeing – so space should be designed to encourage employees to mobilise both mind and body during the day.
  • Open and diverse spaces in an office environment offer people flexibility and the opportunity to move around. Diverse spaces should offer spaces where employees can practice active tasks, as well as spaces to rejuvenate and relax.
  • Office furniture is becoming more flexible and adjustable – for example, height-adjustable desks that allow staff members to decide how they want to work.
  • Natural light and views of the outdoors create an environment that is more conducive to work.
  • Branding, colour and messages throughout the office can be used to deliver messages about the importance of wellbeing. They can help to keep people optimistic and positive. Colour has a big effect on people’s behaviour.