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Restoring the environment is important to Giant Leap, and that’s why part of our expertise includes all aspects of the green workspace. The goal of a green building is to maximize both economic and environmental performance, and create an environment where business can truly live the environmental policies they stand for. This is the future of workspace design and Giant Leap is at the forefront. Based in South Africa, we have wonderful opportunities to contribute to the local community. Every year we take on new and exciting upliftment projects that fulfill and inspire us.


Essential to the commercial interiors business is the design and manufacture of custom furniture, designed according to your brand values and the needs of your workspace. Investing in the local community is as integral to Giant Leap’s ethos as the cutting-edge design techniques we employ in everything we do. That’s why we place great emphasis on local manufacture. Every desk Giant Leap buys provides a worker with a stable job for three days.

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Paints and wood resin release low-level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. These toxins come from a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Giant Leap, as a member of the Green Building Council, recommends products in line with environmental regulations. All Giant Leap’s wood products, paints and finishes are VOC-free. We prioritise new materials that are durable, cost effective and less harmful to human and environmental health. We also make sure we focus on interior solutions that consider energy efficiency and the use of recyclable products.