Barloworld Equipment

The showroom was the first of its kind in the group.

Giant Leap worked with the CEO and The Executive of Business Services to design and build their new Showroom and Head office at the Isando Campus in Johannesburg. Part of the brief was to keep a similar theme running between the Corporate, Logistics, and Equipment offices but keep the individual brand of each Group at the forefront.

The new Head Office allowed their teams to amalgamate from various buildings around Johannesburg into one cohesive space where the executive team now sits as a group and the staff has been given more of an open plan environment with an emphasis on collaboration and flexibility.

The Showroom was the first of its kind in the Group and the purpose was to showcase the equipment available to the company’s clients throughout Africa. The building had to allow for huge heavy machinery to be moved in and out of the building with ease, as well as allow for staff to work comfortably.

“Giant Leap spent weeks getting to know our business as well as our team’s needs and proceeded to design the internal space of both our Head Office as well as our Showroom, keeping our requirements in mind. 3D’s representing the look and feel, video walk through’s of both spaces, and samples of all products to be used in the office were presented to all our staff in interactive workshops. It has been a pleasure working with Giant Leap and we would have no hesitation recommending them.”
Ramasela Ganda – Executive Head Business Services
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