Where integrity meets design.

Seriti, derived from Sesotho, stands for integrity. It describes the aura cast by people as they go through life. Essentially, Seriti is our reputation and our legacy. This is how we approached the design and fit out of Seriti’s new office space, with integrity. The relocation called for a hybrid design to support both in-person collaboration and remote work, with flexible and supportive spaces. The new office space is warm and welcoming, where staff and clients can feel at home.

“As a result of recent acquisitions, Seriti decided to relocate its headquarters and create an environment that would facilitate flexible working arrangements and inspire creativity. The project was successfully delivered and staff appreciate the collaborative spaces and open plan concept while still providing a level of privacy. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Giant Leap team and we would have no hesitation recommending them to prospective clients.”
Rajesh Sewrah – Chief Technology Officer
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A harmonious blend of collaboration and privacy for Seriti.
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