We designed interconnected work and collaboration spaces, a dynamic atmosphere driven by clean lines, linked spaces, active colours and a fresh approach.

We were inspired by Pixelogic’s connected and immersive multi-platform communication solution and translated this into their space,creating an immersive and connected design.

“The team is extremely professional at work, from design through to execution! Every element was handled with care and precision and the team made us feel like we were the only clients that mattered. Thank you for this. Each team member was always engaged, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which helped me deliver the project on time, within budget and in scope. There were many changes made to our original plan and the team was there every step of the way for advice and guidance. Some feedback received from our Co-Presidents during our grand opening in September this year, was that they could not believe how close the actual delivery was to the original renders presented. Well done to the team! I could not agree more.”
Gerty Venter, Director of Operations
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A minimalistic, inviting and accessible space.
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